Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

May 31, 2010


This week I am in Hawaii and for the first time ever I am in Kauai. It is so beautiful! It looks like the movie Avatar in some areas! I love coming to Hawaii, soft elbows, the way it smells, the happy and laid back people, the way my hair gets all puffy and frizzy, and the way I turn into a lobster by the end of the trip. Today we went and saw some amazing waterfalls and played in the ocean. We also played some tennis, which probably looked pretty ridiculous for anyone watching because it sure didn't look like tennis. I think our highest rally was 4. But it was lots of fun! The ocean is so beautiful here and we are going paddle surfing in the morning. I made it one whole day without frying myself so maybe I won't turn into a lobster this trip!

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