Flying with the Dove
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June 04, 2013

33 Week Appointment

He is head down! Such a great sign! He also has a little bit of hair that showed up in the ultrasound and it melts my heart. Everything seems to be ready to go and it all looks good! I cannot wait to have this bundle of joy in my arms! We love him so much!

June 03, 2013

A Baby Shower for a MIA pregnant girl

So I guess that whenever I am the guest of honor for something I end up in the hospital...

I was at work Monday afternoon and was closing up a plane to Atlanta. I had some checked  bags that I needed to throw down to the ramp and as I was doing that, my boss came down and told me to be careful. I of course think that my pregnancy has not hindered my abilities so I say with attitude, "I will..." Then as I go to get back into the jetway I get distracted and the big metal door smacks me right and center in my baby belly. It takes my breath away and hurts pretty badly but I have a plane to get out on time and I just keep going on with life.

When I finally get a chance to think about it as I am going out to the car, I call my Ob office and ask if I am ok. They say to just come by and have his heart rate checked for peace of mind. Then they call back when I am on my way there and say to go check in at Labor and Delivery. I go in and they have me set up in a real hospital bed and gown and say I will probably be there for 4 hours for observation.

I am not really concerned at this point because my baby shower is like 6 hours away and I will have plenty of time to make it back. Finally the doctor gets back to the nurse and informs me that she needs me to stay overnight because there could possibly be a placental abruption which would make me go into preterm labor. I start bawling and calling my sisters (the hosts of the shower). I am a total wreck because I have been looking forward to this for sooo long! I want to see my friends and I know that my sisters have worked so hard on it!

I try to talk my doctor into letting me leave but the more I fight it the more she scares me about what could happen to my baby if I were not at a hospital being observed and the placenta tore away from my uterus. So by that point I am not only crying because I want to go to my party but because I think my baby is going to have something go terribly wrong with him!

I end up staying and my sisters have the food and everything ready for people as they come. Then we face-timed so that I could see everyone there. After the shower about half of the girls came to the hospital and I got to open presents. It was so nice of my sisters to throw a shower for me even though I couldn't be there!

I was having really weird contractions and got pretty sick the next day because my blood pressure had dropped so low. I think it was like 68/48 or something ridiculous. I am ok now and the baby kept up a good heart rate through it all. Now I just want him to come out as soon as he is healthy so that nothing else can go wrong with my body! As I write this though he is kicking madly and making my stomach wave. I love this little boy and I am so excited to see his little self in 4-7 weeks!!

New York after 5 months away

We hadn't seen the Morgans since Christmas and with morning sickness, school, work and the busy schedules of missionary presidents we couldn't get there until last week! I was cutting it close because I can only travel until 34 weeks prego and I am 33 this week!

As usual it was a quick trip over the weekend and we never have enough time with them. We got in Saturday night and had one of Debbie's delicious dinners that we have missed so much. We spent a lot of time just hanging out and eating :) which is what pregnant girls love to do, well at least this pregnant girl.

Monday for Memorial day we went to the 9/11 memorial and it literally took my breathaway. The waterfalls are so intense and the movement of black into the earth is such a powerful symbol for the events that happened that day. I am so blessed to live in this great country and I thank all the men and women that have been heros to our beautiful America. 

We went to Chelsea's Market and I LOVED it! Just great food and imports that were fun to walk through and shop. Then we went to dinner at a place called Smith's in Columbus Square and stopped at Magnolia's Bakery for some banana pudding and cupcakes. It was a really fun day.

We left early the next day and it should be the last time I see them before I have a little runt to take care of! I can't wait!

My Best Friends Weddings!

These girls picked some really great men to spend the rest of eternity with and I am so happy for them! Each one of them just glows now and I know they will have such amazing lives! I love you girls and congratulations!

Elizabeth and Richard

 Abbie and Nils

GRADUATION! oh and a small trip to the ER

       On May 1st I finished my last final and was ready for graduation. It had been such a crazy semester and I have never wanted to be done with school so badly in my life! On May 2nd I was awakened to a severe pain in my back left side and I could barely walk. It was 5:30 am and Nate left early for work so he could make it to my commencement ceremony that night. I wrapped a heat pad around me and took some Tylenol and tried so hard to make it stop. I was worried about the baby so I called my Ob and she said I should go to the ER. I had never gone to the ER before and I thought you had to have a limb falling off to even be admitted. I tried to wait it out a little longer because I didn't want to go. Believe it or not I was thinking about how expensive it would be so I thought I could just wait until an urgent care was open at 9 am.
       Nate decided to come home to take care of me and the second he walked into the door I said, "I think I need to go to the hospital!" That is when the vomiting started... and we cruised to Alta View. I couldn't even stand when we were trying to check in and they had to put me in a wheel chair just to get me to a room. I remember coming in and out of consciousness and having to throw up until there was nothing left. They told me I most likely had kidney stones but that they were unable to give me a CT scan because of the baby and the radiation that it would expose him to. They pumped some morphine and some fluids through me and got me an ultrasound. They said my kidney was inflamed but that they couldn't really tell from the ultrasound if their were any stones. Even with Morphine I was still completely in pain. They told me that they couldn't conclude that I had kidney stones but that was probably what it was.

       They admitted me to the hospital and I was sent to the women's center so they could observe my baby and keep him and me hydrated through an IV. He was doing great, just kicking like any normal day and his heart rate was perfect through the whole thing. He is a champ. I was still throwing up even though I hadn't had any food since 5 am and it was now 3 pm. It wasn't fun. The meds still weren't working and they finally gave me a shot of dilaudid in my thigh and it seemed to do the trick. I was still sore but I was able to stop humming and moaning and actually function. As soon as it would wear off though I was done for! It was a really rough night.
        The next day I was feeling good and thought I might make it to my social and behavioral science commencement ceremony at 2 pm. The doctor took forever to see me for discharge and by the time he did I was having another large pang of pain. We left at 1pm and that was the time they said to be in your seats at the Huntsman Center... so that said, I didn't make it to graduation...
       That night though, my family threw me a party and I was able to wear my cap and gown and celebrate my 4 years of rough road at college. It was great to have everyone over!

      It took a few days for the pain to be completely gone but then I was completely fine. It was so frustrating not knowing exactly what was wrong with me but my symptoms and the way my pain started and traveled seemed to conclude small kidney stones. I never saw them pass but my nurse said that she rarely ever sees them pass unless they were so big they were surgically removed. She also said that it is a little more common for pregnant women to get them because of the way a baby can lie on the kidneys and back them up, creating stones.