Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

December 28, 2011

T'was a Great Christmas

This past month has been pretty crazy for me just like any young married couple that is still in school would be. Finals were straight up hard, work was super busy, and I procrastinated for Christmas til December 24th. I got pretty good grades though and the presents turned out to be good. I also have a plan to graduate in the spring which seemed impossible because I only take 12 credits and I took a semester off. But now I should be back to the graduation that I was supposed to have. Nate and I had so much fun shopping on Christmas Eve and we had a bunch of gift cards that paid for most of our stuff and it made it even more fun. We themed the presents with exercise so that we can get back to our pre marriage body. We got Zumba for the wii, Jillian's Butt and thigh toner, and this shaking stick thing. We are still in love with our apartment and feel right at home. He still makes me so happy even though I am a handful to take care of and he is still the cutest thing in the whole world.

Hawaii... A couple of times

For Thanksgiving I got to go with the Morgan Family to Maui. It was super fun but completely different from what I was used to. When the Duncan girls go to Maui we just relax and lay at the pool and get really tan but this trip was dominated by boys so we just kept going and going and going. We went to Hana and that was really pretty and fun on the way up. Then we got to stay over in this cute beach hotel. On the way back though I was not feeling well at all... I have never experienced getting car sick until that trip down from Hana. It was fun to see someone else's traditions and to see different things in a place that you have been to 15 times. Yeah I know that I am spoiled but that's what you get for working for the airlines.
After finals week my dad went to Maui to finish some computer programming for work and I decided to tag along for that too. It was super cloudy and rainy but I finished a book and got to relax for a few days. I think I am all airplaned out for a while now.

This is the airport when I landed.

Bubba Gumps

December 02, 2011


So Nate and I have been living at the apartments at the gateway for the past 6 months. We sorta got sick of it overnight. Don't get me wrong the location is prime but it just never really felt like home. There are new apartments in the City Creek development that we fell in love with. We didn't even finish up our lease at the Gateway before moving in. My cute families (Duncans and Morgans) got us completely moved in 2 hours to beat the snow storm that was coming in. We have been there for a couple weeks now and we are so smitten with our new home. Yes, home. We finally have a place that makes us feel excited to come home to. Every thing is brand new and smells so good. There is also room for every thing and it feels so much bigger! I told Nate the other day that I don't think there is anywhere else I would rather be right now and I am soooo happy.
We have to paint our apartment back to white and I just wanted everyone to see our cute bedroom before it is gone...
I will post pictures of our new home when we get all settled in, or if you know me come stop by and see it!