Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

December 02, 2011


So Nate and I have been living at the apartments at the gateway for the past 6 months. We sorta got sick of it overnight. Don't get me wrong the location is prime but it just never really felt like home. There are new apartments in the City Creek development that we fell in love with. We didn't even finish up our lease at the Gateway before moving in. My cute families (Duncans and Morgans) got us completely moved in 2 hours to beat the snow storm that was coming in. We have been there for a couple weeks now and we are so smitten with our new home. Yes, home. We finally have a place that makes us feel excited to come home to. Every thing is brand new and smells so good. There is also room for every thing and it feels so much bigger! I told Nate the other day that I don't think there is anywhere else I would rather be right now and I am soooo happy.
We have to paint our apartment back to white and I just wanted everyone to see our cute bedroom before it is gone...
I will post pictures of our new home when we get all settled in, or if you know me come stop by and see it!


  1. Just saw your SYTTD episode. You're gorgeous. Thanks for posting pics of your custom dress, it's beautiful. I added sleeves to my dress too. :) (got married in SLC too)