Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

March 24, 2013

Spring Break Bermuda/Florida

Finally I had a week to relax and be with my best friend all day every day. My spring break was very badly needed and so we wanted it to be something really memorable. Bermuda seemed like a safe, fun beachy place to travel and we had heard really great things about it. I was nervous to commit a whole week to a place I had never been, so I picked Florida for the second half.

Bermuda was BEAUTIFUL and the people are the nicest ever! I felt really safe there and everything was really clean and nice. You can't rent cars there but you can rent mopeds to take you across the 20 mile island. One day we went to all of the beaches and to the other end of the island. We went to a Palm Garden that was so beautiful and eventually goes out to the ocean. It was pretty calm tourist wise because the temps are still in the low 60s but that is just the way I like it. ;) Food is sooo expensive but they have really good food! Our hotel had natural caves down by the pool and it was really cool.

In Florida we stayed at a hotel in Ponte Vedra beach that was on the Sawgrass TCP championship golf course and it was so pretty there. The temperature was perfect in Florida, 70-80 degrees. At night we went we would go to JAX beach or Atlantic beach and have dinner, shop, have dessert and sit on the beach or listen to bands playing out in the street. Florida again has GREAT food and it was really fun to find great restaurants there (for half the price of the Bermudian restaurants). We spent one day in St. Augustine, the oldest town in the US. It was sooo adorable and had so many cool shops and historical buildings. I want to go back so bad!

It's a BOY!

The suspense is over... my little bundle of joy is a boy! That seems to be the pattern for the Duncan Family grandchildren so I should have known! It is so much more fun to have an idea of what the baby is like and now I really have a connection with this little guy. He kicks and punches all day long and so I am preparing myself for the most energetic and hyper little child ever... which I am nothing like. I would probably sleep all day if I had the choice... I am fully aware that this will never happen now but I can't wait to be a mom and to watch my baby boy grow up. I am 23 weeks now or as I like to say 5 and 3/4 months pregnant. 4 months to go!

I am also officially showing now... that is not so fun. I am starting to feel my ab muscles pull apart and it is the freakiest thing ever! I have nightmares of what my stomach will be like when the baby comes out and everything is just floating around in there! Ha I know I should be worrying about all the other things like LABOR but that fear I am sure will come soon. I am feeling better as of about a week ago from morning sickness; it was a long haul. So now I am feeling so good that I can't control my stomach's needs! If you know a way to make my pregnancy hunger turn off please tell me. I am sure the baby will thank you too!