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March 24, 2013

It's a BOY!

The suspense is over... my little bundle of joy is a boy! That seems to be the pattern for the Duncan Family grandchildren so I should have known! It is so much more fun to have an idea of what the baby is like and now I really have a connection with this little guy. He kicks and punches all day long and so I am preparing myself for the most energetic and hyper little child ever... which I am nothing like. I would probably sleep all day if I had the choice... I am fully aware that this will never happen now but I can't wait to be a mom and to watch my baby boy grow up. I am 23 weeks now or as I like to say 5 and 3/4 months pregnant. 4 months to go!

I am also officially showing now... that is not so fun. I am starting to feel my ab muscles pull apart and it is the freakiest thing ever! I have nightmares of what my stomach will be like when the baby comes out and everything is just floating around in there! Ha I know I should be worrying about all the other things like LABOR but that fear I am sure will come soon. I am feeling better as of about a week ago from morning sickness; it was a long haul. So now I am feeling so good that I can't control my stomach's needs! If you know a way to make my pregnancy hunger turn off please tell me. I am sure the baby will thank you too!


  1. Duvae!! stop it :) you definitely COULD NOT look cuter! You are just the
    most darling lil mamma i have ever seen! Hope I look like you someday! And how stinking cute, a little Nate? haha, I love it sooo much! I love your Bermuda pics, I just think you look and sound incredible. So happy for you guys!

  2. Congrats! A little boy. They are so much fun! xx

  3. Seriously, you are adorable pregnant!! Congratulations on your little boy; having one of my own, it's an amazing little journey.

  4. Duvae you are the cutest preggo lady EVER ! Congrats on having a boy !