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January 16, 2013

My First Doc Appointment - My little bean

I am now 13 weeks and I have been sooo antsy to see the doctor! I just wanted to be assured that everything looked ok and that my little bean was growing the way it's supposed to be. Its body is about 2 1/2 inches long from head to rump and he/she looks so dang cute! Everyone said I would freak out or it would feel really real when I heard the heartbeat. But I still can't really comprehend what that sound is. It doesn't seem real! It just sounded kind of scary to me! The thing that made me so excited and kind of made it seem real was seeing the little baby move around. He/she started out upside down in this little curled up ball and then stretched and bounced around and waved at us. I think this kid is going to be a hyper one!  This little creature is so darling and I just want it to be ready for me now! I told Nate that I still don't believe it is in my tummy. I just think the doctors are keeping the baby in the big ultrasound box until it is ready for us to take home. I know I will be sorely mistaken in 5 months when I am supposed to squeeze that thing out of me but I won't think about that yet!

The ultrasound lady (sorry I don't know the technical term) strongly believes this baby is a baby boy. We were able to make out a little something between the legs but it really is too soon to tell. That didn't necessarily stop my mom and I from going and buying a few boy things. Don't worry, we kept the receipt! BUt I feel like that little buggar that keeps making me sick and wears me out all day long, is a little dude... so help me find me cute boy stuff!
I love you my little bean (I guess you are really a peach by now) and I can hardly stand the fact that I have to wait 5-6 more months to see your beautiful face. Please be easy on me in the second trimester, I would love to actually keep my food in my tummy for a couple of months :). Sincerely, Mom


  1. andi saw your blog and said DOVIE! haha so remembers you!!! so happy for you! LOVE YOU! text me if you need anything from afar! xoxo!

    1. Ohhh I love that sooooo much! Thank you I will!

  2. Hey there from the other side of the world......i am so beyond happy for you guys. You will be a great mom Dove !!! I wish you some happy and healthy nine months !

  3. Hey Duvae! So exciting for you, I remember my first scan so well. My little boy has just turned one. Friend me on Facebook if you like! Awesome, love to you xxx