Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

December 12, 2013

California Adventure

So a lot has been happening in our life the past month. We have moved 733 miles away from home and are both starting new jobs in California. It still doesn't feel real, I just feel like I am on a long vacation. Grey and I have been exploring while Nate works hard to keep us fed and warm! I will be starting my new job in Orange County at the beginning of the year. I am going to miss my Salt Lake co-workers so much, and just hope I can love my new work environment even half as much!

This is our 1 mile walk to the ocean!
And my favorite treat that I can have any day I want!
We have only been away for 2 weeks but I miss my family so much! Baby Grey is growing like a weed and it is so hard having him away from his family. He is practically crawling already! We will be back for Christmas and it will be so great to see everyone again.

Grey has a new toy!

Papa came to see us!
 The seals at La Jolla Cove!

 Mission Beach!
 Breakfast in Bed for my 23rd Birthday
 Birthday lunch at PrepKitchen

 Our beach... Del Mar
 Just going to the pool in his girl life jacket

December 04, 2013

Baby Grey is 4 months

Birthday Parties

My wonderful dad turned 60 this year! He is a trekkie and so we did a Star Trek birthday for him. It was awesome.

My cute nephew Bobby turned 19 and loves Harry Potter....

Halloween... a little late

Jay, Daisy, TJ Eckleburg from The Great Gatsby

 Having fun at work
Cute nephew Dal