Flying with the Dove
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July 20, 2013

Grey Emerson Morgan: My GEM

Words cannot express how insane and wonderful child birth is. The second they put this little human into my arms I was eternally attached and had never had such immense love for something in my entire life. He is my everything. I really believe my soul would not be able to survive without him in my life.

On Thursday I had a regular appointment with my doctor and she was a little worried that my uterus hadn't been growing. She sent me to get an ultra sound the next day and the fluids were fine but his heart rate had a late deceleration on one contraction in an hour so the doctor wanted me monitored in Labor and Delivery. Everything looked good down there so they said just to be sure, come in again the next day. So I worked my last shift of work on Saturday, had lunch with Nate and we headed to the hospital with NO expectation of having this baby anytime soon.

We got there and the nurse was puzzled at why we were even there, she said everything looked fine and walked out of the room to go check on another patient while I was monitored for a little longer. She came back in and hour later and we thought she must have just been busy. She told me the baby wasn't cooperating and that I might be staying in the hospital. They got us into a room and our doctor came in and explained that there was a possibility that my placenta was starting to give out and that it would just be better to get the little guy out while he was healthy and strong. Nate and I (mostly I) had tears in our eyes from the excitement that our little boy would soon be with us.

They started me with a foley balloon that slowly dilated me to a 4 in 12 hours and then gave me pitocin and waited to break my water for a few more hours because his head had still not dropped. I dilated sooo slowly and was given an epidural that almost made things worse because I hated being numb and not being able to turn over in the night. It was sure nice to stop really feeling the contractions though. Finally after 26 hours of labor, I was dilated to a 10 and I could start pushing. There were 3 ladies at a 10 at the same time with only 1 doctor. One had had a baby before so she was first in line and then it was up to me and another girl for the next spot. Now I was so antsy to have this baby that I pushed so hard that I could have beaten the 1st lady to having the baby but they made me wait until she was finished.

I was finally able to get pushing again and little Grey was in this world in no time at all. The whole time I pushed and labored we were happy and laughing and it was such an amazing experience.

7lbs 20.5 inches long. Born July 14th 2013 at 4:50pm

Grey is heavenly. He is such an angel and has the sweetest countenance. He has his nights and days mixed up so I see more of his eyes during the night. It has been hard getting used to this new sleep schedule but I have loved every moment with him (even the poop squirting ones). I am so happy to have him in my life and I think this is a beautiful start to a new beginning.

July 02, 2013

I am getting pretty nesty...

I know I still have at least 3 weeks until this sweet baby will be in my arms but I literally cannot wait. We officially have everything ready from the crib to every bum paste and baby lotion. He kicks harder and harder every day but slows down a little every day as well. It is to the point where when his foot/elbow/knee jabs into me, I yelp in pain. He is getting so strong! I wish I could at least see his little face to get me through the rest of the month and maybe give him one big squeeze and put him back for the rest of the time. But since that isn't happening, I focus on the back pains, insomnia, basketball belly, and heartburn! So little man in there, if you are listening, your debut is very much anticipated and so get your little bum out here! Ha well, I will hang in there a little longer but I am soooo excited!