Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

July 02, 2013

I am getting pretty nesty...

I know I still have at least 3 weeks until this sweet baby will be in my arms but I literally cannot wait. We officially have everything ready from the crib to every bum paste and baby lotion. He kicks harder and harder every day but slows down a little every day as well. It is to the point where when his foot/elbow/knee jabs into me, I yelp in pain. He is getting so strong! I wish I could at least see his little face to get me through the rest of the month and maybe give him one big squeeze and put him back for the rest of the time. But since that isn't happening, I focus on the back pains, insomnia, basketball belly, and heartburn! So little man in there, if you are listening, your debut is very much anticipated and so get your little bum out here! Ha well, I will hang in there a little longer but I am soooo excited!


  1. I love your nursery!!! It is so sweet, welcoming and balanced.
    Hope you have a wonderful and safe delivery.

    Alina Smith