Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

June 14, 2012

Paper = 1st Anniversary

So as I posted last week, Nate and I have been married for 1 year now. The day of our anniversary Nate had school and work til 10:30 pm so we planned to spend a long lunch together. He told me he wanted to choose where we ate but we both agreed on not getting any presents. So I came home from work planning to change really quick and go to get some food down the street but I walked into this....

500 PIECES OF ORIGAMI! He had started 2 months ago and just kept creating new things and having some of his coworkers help him out. It was so beautiful to walk into. The pictures don't give it justice. Then he tells me that he had our caterer remake our reception meal (if you were at my wedding you know how good that food was!) It was so perfect, I couldn't have come up with a better surprise myself! Then we ate the top piece of our wedding cake and it was still so yummy!

I told him that next year is my year and he won't have to do anything. So if you have any great ideas I better get started now! He set the bar pretty dang high!

He's 23!

Nate's birthday was on the 9th and we had the perfect day together. We woke up and went to our favorite breakfast place The Park Cafe. My nephew Bobby is a busser there and we got to see his cute face there! Then it was the first day of the Salt Lake Farmers Market so we scoped the place out. It is too early in the season for most of our favs like corn and heirloom tomatoes but we left with some homemade papardelle pasta. We spent the rest of the day in Park City shopping and walking down main street. It was such a beautiful and perfect day. We went on the alpine coaster and it was sooo much fun!

 My problem with planning birthdays is that I usually decide on all of the things that I would love to do on my birthday because I can never figure out what the other persons hopes and dreams are. So we ended the day at my very favorite place: Stein Erikson Lodge. We ate at the Glitretind restaurant that overlooks Deer Valley resort and it was a beautiful night. Of course I had to take a picture of all the food...

June 08, 2012

JUNE 11th - The Anniversary

Filled with firsts and embarrassing moments
  they loved even when the other wasn't so lovable
burnt pans and broken dishes
learned to share everything, even colds
he came to love the color pink and teacup puppies
she learned to tolerate the Jazz and 18 holes of golf
became each others safe place
made the other laugh each and every day... even on the sad ones
accepted every flaw and even came to love them
traveled the world and still could laugh after all the disasters
danced in the rain and in the ocean
want a baby, don't want a baby, want one, don't want one
birth control side effects... he still hugs and loves her
her shoes and clothes thrown everywhere, his tiny neat corner of the closet
realized everything happens for a reason
flat tires, bad engines, scooter rides
becoming a part of a new family
creating new dreams, goals, and hopes
everyday changing their minds
no fears together, they can do anything
prayers, hard work, and love
can't wait to start year 2

With those smiles, they must have known what was to come...