Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

June 08, 2012

JUNE 11th - The Anniversary

Filled with firsts and embarrassing moments
  they loved even when the other wasn't so lovable
burnt pans and broken dishes
learned to share everything, even colds
he came to love the color pink and teacup puppies
she learned to tolerate the Jazz and 18 holes of golf
became each others safe place
made the other laugh each and every day... even on the sad ones
accepted every flaw and even came to love them
traveled the world and still could laugh after all the disasters
danced in the rain and in the ocean
want a baby, don't want a baby, want one, don't want one
birth control side effects... he still hugs and loves her
her shoes and clothes thrown everywhere, his tiny neat corner of the closet
realized everything happens for a reason
flat tires, bad engines, scooter rides
becoming a part of a new family
creating new dreams, goals, and hopes
everyday changing their minds
no fears together, they can do anything
prayers, hard work, and love
can't wait to start year 2

With those smiles, they must have known what was to come...

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  1. cutest ever so happy for you two! its all so true! love you!