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November 27, 2012

Debbie's Birthday!

My in-laws are in Scarsdale, NY serving as Mission Presidents. They weren't too badly affected by Hurricane Sandy... if being without power for 12 days isn't bad! Debbie had to spend her favorite holiday, Halloween, in the dark with no trick or treaters.  Her birthday was soon and we felt so bad that they were so bored (no lights, internet or cable) and sad that we decided to pop in for a visit.

Tom told Debbie that they needed to pick up a missionary that would stay with them for the night so he could make his international flight the next day. Debbie was so worn out from having 16 or so missionaries stay with them at their house that week and she was so tired of not having power so when Tom told her this she wasn't thrilled. He asked her to go find him in the terminal and so her and Ryan came in to find the missionary. We walked down the escalator and we took her so off guard that she just kind of looked at us funny and said "what are you guys doing here?"
Nate said, "We are your missionary!"
She broke down into tears (as did I) and hugged us for the longest time. This was a much needed trip for all of us! Cute little Ryan was super sick but still came in his PJs to greet us.

We had to go upstate to a stake conference and got to stay in a hotel with them. They were so excited to watch the news! Our hotel was next to the Orange County Choppers headquarters and we got to have lunch there and see all of the "choppers." It was way cool!! Except I asked for the Margarita Pizza and the waiter came back and said "Would you like that straight up or on the rocks?" Ha. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the tool shed... That was just one of the many things he got wrong with our lunch. When the bill came we didn't quite have enough for the full 20% tip (don't worry it was still 18%) I looked at Nate and said "He knows what he did."

The stake conference was really great, especially the talks by Debbie and Tom. They are such wonderful mission presidents and those missionaries are so dang lucky to have them. I miss them and wish we could have them at home but New York must need them more than we do and I am just happy I can share such great people with the people of New York. See you at Christmas guys! love ya!

ALSO: I got to see Pete off to Chile! He was definately the cutest missionary I have ever seen!


For Halloween this year I was Rapunzel from Tangled and Nate was Flynn Rider. My mom and I made my dress and it was quite a big project for me since I don't know how to sew! But I think it turned out pretty great in the end. Nate's was darling too and it was all my mom's doing. We went to a Halloween Party at our Friends Hannah and Grants. I think we tied for best costume with Jaden and Sydney who were a box of nerds. It was a really fun night!

Then I got to wear my costume to work on Halloween and it was so much fun! For those of you who don't know, I am a gate agent for Delta. I got to work flights as a Princess and it was pretty great. All day long passengers called me "Princess" and people were even taking pictures of me while I was working. It was such a fun day and I will never forget my day as a Princess.

A birthday surprise for Mom

SO my mom turned the big 60 this September. The only reason I can post her age is because she really only looks 30 and acts like she is 16. My husband and I talked her in to going to Europe for a week and we decided on London and Amsterdam. The surprise for my mom was that my norwegian sister Anniken was flying out to meet us! So we jumped on a plane to England and hoped everything would work out when we got there. After a lot of expensive text messages, we were able to meet up without my mom suspecting a thing. We told her we were going to find the subway but instead Anniken and her friend Martina jumped out behind a wall and surprised my mom. She was SO happy! We hadn't seen Anniken for over a year and it had been way too long.

We did a lot of shopping, rode the red bus all around town and saw lots of sights. My favorite shopping was out by the Olympic stadium, they had sooo many stores. We went to Wicked and it was just as wonderful as the American version. I loved it! Probably my moms favorite was the Borough Market by the Tower Bridge. It is just a giant farmers market. It reminded me of Pike Market Place in Seattle but way cuter. There is this old church behind it and it was my favorite! It was so darling.

My highlight of the trip, after seeing Anniken, was going to the Harry Potter studio tour. It has all of the real props and sets that were used in the movie. I was so starstruck!! I also LOVE butter beer and that was mostly the reason I went. :) The shuttle from the subway (the tube.... I only like American terminology) was a night bus, it was so cute. Then you can eat at a cafe and they bring you in every 15 minutes for your walk through.

My very very favorite part was seeing the real castle they used for the movie. It isn't a real castle like we would all hope but a pretty awesome alternative. It could probably fit in a large family room and every single detail is so perfect and real. It was so amazing! I wish someone would build it for real!

Then we left the next day for Amsterdam and we got in super late and only had one full day there. We stayed in the Hotel Pulitzer and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It is really old and has pretty small rooms the are tucked up little stairways. But it was just so perfect to me, especially the bed. It was heaven. My mom an Nate had to rip me out of them the next day because it was rainy and cold outside. But they eventually got me out...

We went through the tulip market (I am sure there is a name for it but I can't think of it) and they were amazing! Don't be fooled though, only the ugly ones in the back are U.S. Customs approved so you can't take home the good ones. Then we had to buy some Gouda! I loved sampling every flavor and getting samples of their caramel waffle things. YUM. We took a boat ride through the canals and got to see the city by boat... well when I was awake that is... We ate at 2 really yummy restaurants that day and we even stopped to get fondu at Haagen-Dazs, it was so yummy.

We shopped around the city and then we didn't have anything else to do because it was a downpour rainstorm outside and we went home to get to bed. We woke up early so that we could go shop at the airport before our flight. The airport had H&M. It was practically a mall!

We had such a great time and I loved getting to see London for the second time (first time wasn't so great). Amsterdam is adorable and I can't wait to go back when it is sunshiny and warm. HappY Birthday MOM!

September 28, 2012

Pete goes to the MTC

I am going to miss this boy...

Farewell Trip... CALIFORNIA

pete has been in the MTC now for a couple of weeks and I miss his cute face so much! Before he left he had a request to go to California to go to the beach and Disneyland for a last time with his older bros... but the sister-in-laws crashed in on the trip too. 

Nate and I started the trip with a day babysitting our cute little niece. Then we were faced with the challenge of taking her on the plane with us so that her parents didn't have her on their 10 hour car drive. Because I work at the airport and see hundreds of screaming babies and children everyday getting on airplanes I told myself I would never take a baby on a plane... I must love this little girl... 
She was an angel... She slept the whole way there. Day one was Disneyland and the Morgan boys are DIsney fanatics! It was such a great day with the fam and we all had so much fun together! 

Sawyer was afraid of Jasmine and Aladdin

Ok... yes I am the worst astro blaster alive... it takes talent to get this low of a score

Lunch at the Blue Bayou 

The next day was beach day! Parking was terrible but once we parked the monster suburban the fun began!