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September 28, 2012

Farewell Trip... CALIFORNIA

pete has been in the MTC now for a couple of weeks and I miss his cute face so much! Before he left he had a request to go to California to go to the beach and Disneyland for a last time with his older bros... but the sister-in-laws crashed in on the trip too. 

Nate and I started the trip with a day babysitting our cute little niece. Then we were faced with the challenge of taking her on the plane with us so that her parents didn't have her on their 10 hour car drive. Because I work at the airport and see hundreds of screaming babies and children everyday getting on airplanes I told myself I would never take a baby on a plane... I must love this little girl... 
She was an angel... She slept the whole way there. Day one was Disneyland and the Morgan boys are DIsney fanatics! It was such a great day with the fam and we all had so much fun together! 

Sawyer was afraid of Jasmine and Aladdin

Ok... yes I am the worst astro blaster alive... it takes talent to get this low of a score

Lunch at the Blue Bayou 

The next day was beach day! Parking was terrible but once we parked the monster suburban the fun began!

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