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August 29, 2012

Brieann and Shane's Wedding!

Sorry boys... she is taken! She actually found a man that could keep up with her! He makes her completely and utterly happy and in love. Shane brings out the very best in her and I know they will have an amazing life together. He is so sweet to her and they have so much fun with each other. The wedding was so much fun and everything was absolutely perfect. Brieann looked gorgeous and I kept telling her she was Marilyn Monroe, which went perfectly with their movie premier wedding theme. Their vows were clips from their favorite movies all mashed together to make us laugh and see how crazy they are about each other. It was so darling. Every little detail was so cute and thought out, I loved every bit of it. I will try to post more pictures soon! Congrats Sis! I Love you!

Nate and Me
 The food was amazing! Homemade Chicken Cordon Bleu! 

 Cute Bobby!

 Mom and Me

Dad and Me


The Nephs...

Some of the entertainment...

My brother Smith WOWED us with his vocal skills...
Smith singing from Duvae Morgan on Vimeo.

Staton wanted to sing a little something...