Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

March 21, 2014

Spring Break Visitors

We were so lucky to get such great visitors for Spring Break! First our friends Alex, Amanda, Stephanie, and Junior met up with us at Disneyland for Grey's first Disney experience. The day was so perfect, sunny but not too hot and the lines weren't that bad. Right as we walked in, we were greeted by Mickey Mouse himself, and he made quite an impression on Grey!

Junior became Grey's new best friend and didn't want to be put down!

Grey was super happy in Alex's arms because he was so high up!

Grey's first ride was Toy Story's Midway Mania. It was a lot to take in!

The next day I met up with Jaden, Sharon, and Natalie at Disneyland once again. Grey would not sit down he made me push him in the stroller standing up.

I am not so sure he loves Winnie the Pooh... the ride seemed a little scary to him

The rest of the week J, S, and N stayed with us in Del Mar and they let us explore the tide pools in San Diego with them.

The week was a blast and it was so good to see people from home. They are missed SO much!

San Francisco

So I would have had a bunch of darling photos for you but my iPhone crashed and took my pictures with it :(...  But we had such a fun time on an overnight trip to San Francisco. I had never been there before. People always said how dirty it was and so I didn't really have a desire to go. BUT it was great! I love the architecture and the people were so nice. We stayed at the Westin St. Francis and went to the top floor to see the entire city. It was beautiful... you will have to take my word for it since I don't have my pictures to prove it.

We just walked every where.. through Union Square, Chinatown, Little Italy, Fisherman's Wharf. We shopped and tried things along the way. We went to the this floating sushi boat restaurant where these little boats go around the buffet and you stop the boats when you see something you want on them. I stole all of the strawberries (my fave) and it was a little weird to have them at a sushi restaurant but I loved it. I also had real Chinese Ramen for my first time.

We had the best Cannoli s but I don't remember where, and yummy fresh pizza down by the wharf. OF course we went to Ghirardelli Square and ate lots and lots of chocolate!

If you haven't figured this out about me yet... my vacations revolve around food.

The next day was rainy so we shopped (the other thing my vacations revolve around).
San Francisco has the BEST shopping! It is like New York but better weather and not so crazy.

I have one regret about the trip... Because it was raining, and we had the little one with us, we didn't make it to the Golden Gate Bridge. Bummer, I know. But that just means I will have to go back!

The few pictures that I do have are ones I sent on to my mom and mother-in-law. Just of Grey, but dang cute.

A piece of very good advice: BACK UP YOUR PHONE'S PICTURES! ;)

February 20, 2014

Crawlin' Everywhere!

 Grey is getting into everything and making it so hard to keep up with him! It is so fun to watch him discover new things though and get around on his own. I am scared about him starting to walk because it will be even harder but he is getting so big I can barely carry him in his car seat anymore! It would be nice to be able to have him just follow me around on foot instead.

Grey can't fall asleep without a huge pile of blankets. It is pretty dang sweet. He has also taken up a new hobby; fixing his car. He just wants to be like his Uncle Smith. He also seems to be training for something because he does hamstring stretches in the morning! 

This past week my BFF Lindsay came to visit and it was so much fun! Grey loves her so much as do I! We spent most days at the beach, eating great food, and shopping (what more could you ask for.. oh maybe some money for shopping ;) ). She even watched Grey so that Nate and I could go on a Valentines Date.

For Valentines, Nate and I went down to the Gaslamp Quarters for our first time and I LOVE it down there! Shopping and great food (again, what more could you ask for?) We ate at the Crab Hut because I am a sucker for some great crab and walked around until I realized that I had worn the wrong shoes. We decided to go to a movie and the only thing playing around that time was Endless Love. We bought the tickets and sat in the theater for a few minutes when I looked at Nate and said, "Think we can get a raincheck?" We refunded our tickets and changed my shoes for flip flops that were in the car and strolled around UTC mall buying small little trinkets for Valentine's. It was just so fun to get some time alone even though the entire time I missed Mr. Grey.

Nate and I are trying to make time for one date night a week, it is way harder than you would think.. But we made it out to National Comedy Theater downtown and watch some really great Improve and we ate at the Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill for some great fish tacos. We were stuck in traffic for what seemed like hours, but again it was just fun to be alone together.

Tonight we are going to go to the Surf Museum in Oceanside and dinner is to be decided. Can't wait!

 Waiting at the airport for Linds!

February 06, 2014

Crazy Crazy Life

Have I mentioned how much I love being a mom? Well just in case you didn’t get the memo… I do very much. This new role I have is all consuming, wonderful, and the hardest thing I have ever done. My mom asked me the other day, “What surprised you most about having a baby?” She thought I would say the lack of sleep or something to that manner but I was very aware of and informed about all of the hard adjustments I would have to make. The thing that surprised me the most was that I would actually SURVIVE these hard and new experiences. Not sleeping more than an hour at a time, lying awake in bed all night with just the anticipation of my baby crying, poop all over everything all the time, spit up on my clothes the second I got dressed, spending so much money that I didn’t have to spend, and through all of that, looking into my son’s eyes and honestly knowing that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Your tiny little body in my arms
My soul weeps with unexplainable joy
The last nine month’s worth of fear, gone in this one moment.
How can something so small take so much of my heart?
And how did I become worthy of something so special?
Did you choose me? Did you want me for your mother?
I pray that you did, and that you were excited for your decision.
I think I picked you in Heaven.
They lined up the sweetest angels and I ran straight to you,
Squeezing you tightly and excitingly knowing that I would get to be your mom.
I worry about where the world will take you,
What kind of trials will break you down.
What things will pull us apart.
I will always be there to help you rebuild and help you to heal,
That is my promise to you.
I ask for your forgiveness in advance…
I know I will fail over and over again.
But I am going to try as hard as I can,
To make you feel loved, supported, safe.
I hope I can give you a beautiful life,
And that you will always be proud to call me MOM. 

January 31, 2014

It sure has been a while...

Life as a new mom, in a new town, with a new job, has been quite a challenge and has kept me very busy. Grey is 6 and 1/2 months now and growing so quickly! He scoot/crawls everywhere, has one bottom tooth sticking out, and drools everywhere!! He is such a calm, sweet boy and smiles all day long, unless he is meeting someone new, then he just stares at them with big eyes. He also hates Walmart. It is the goofiest thing! Every time I bring him in there he gets this mad face and won't crack a smile for anything! Whenever he is mad we say, "oh he is just doing his Walmart face." He is such a goofball.

I am loving my new job and I work with really great people. I am not in love with my long commute though, I get way too sleepy driving at 4 AM. Especially now that Grey decides to crawl and play at all hours of the night. Nate is always cooking new things, yesterday was pita bread and it was pretty awesome. I told him he must be Greek or something because it was so good. He looked at me and said, "I don't even know one word in Greek." I said, "Baklava?" Yeah I am a bright one sometimes...

I took an overnight trip home to see the family and it was so great to see them. It is kind of a bummer when you are second fiddle to your baby though. Right when I walked in everyone ran to Grey! I just stood there, "Hey guys, missed ya!" and everyone was all too consumed with chubby cheeks and a blonde mohawk. I am officially chopped liver... Ha it's ok, I guess I have already had my chubby cheeked adorable time in my life and I should let others have the stage.

Church time

Mom came down for a visit!

Our Saturday play time
Hands up stands up
Cuddle bug stealing my side of the bed

Another Sunday
What's for dinner?
Pool time!
Our home

December 12, 2013

California Adventure

So a lot has been happening in our life the past month. We have moved 733 miles away from home and are both starting new jobs in California. It still doesn't feel real, I just feel like I am on a long vacation. Grey and I have been exploring while Nate works hard to keep us fed and warm! I will be starting my new job in Orange County at the beginning of the year. I am going to miss my Salt Lake co-workers so much, and just hope I can love my new work environment even half as much!

This is our 1 mile walk to the ocean!
And my favorite treat that I can have any day I want!
We have only been away for 2 weeks but I miss my family so much! Baby Grey is growing like a weed and it is so hard having him away from his family. He is practically crawling already! We will be back for Christmas and it will be so great to see everyone again.

Grey has a new toy!

Papa came to see us!
 The seals at La Jolla Cove!

 Mission Beach!
 Breakfast in Bed for my 23rd Birthday
 Birthday lunch at PrepKitchen

 Our beach... Del Mar
 Just going to the pool in his girl life jacket