Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

November 23, 2010

Luckiest Girl in the World

As most of you know, I am engaged. Ah it seems so weird saying that! I have never in my life been happier. Nate and I have not been dating for very long but I think I knew after the very first date that he was something special and someone I needed to hang on to. Life has been complete bliss with him and I have just been having so much fun. The Proposal: For  months I have been wanting him to come to California with my family and me. He told me that he really couldn't afford it and that it would be too hard to get work off. I tried really hard to be understanding but I wanted more than anything for him to come! I kept telling him about flight deals and kept getting curious to why he kept spending money on me if he couldn't afford the trip. Finally it came time to go to California and he was not coming with me. My family and I went to the beach the first night and started walking down the boardwalk when someone grabbed me from behind. Yep it was Nate, well at least I hope it was because I was crying so hard I couldn't really tell. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I cried some more and practically knocked him over as I jumped into his arms. I said, "Of course!" Then he spent the next day at Disneyland (my very favorite place) with me and my family and we had so much fun. In my sorority we do a candle passing ceremony so you can't tell anyone until the ceremony about your engagement. That was torture! I live at the house! So every time I would get there I would put my ring in its case and play it off like Nate and I weren't even thinking about getting married. I even had a formal that I had to keep my mouth shut through. So finally on Monday night, almost a week after he actually proposed, I got to tell all of my best friends the news. Everyone was screaming and crying and I was crying and screaming! It was quite the event. Then Nate and I told everyone the top 10 reasons we love each other and here were mine: 1. He makes me laugh, really hard, all of the time 2. He is so strong and solid in life 3. He has such a good heart 4. We never get bored together 5. He is smart 6. Holy crap Handsome 7. Super easy going 8. He lives to make me happy 9. He keeps me sane and can calm me down when my world is crumbling 10. He is the most friendly person and loves anyone and everyone. We have yet to decide on a date but I promise I am trying really hard to figure that out! I love him so much and I can't wait to start my life with him!

November 03, 2010

Prince Charming, Bad luck, and Halloween

I have been saving some money so that I could buy a pair of toms, not any pair, but the pink sparkly ones. Fate intervened when the University booted my car because I had unpaid parking tickets, I got my car registration notice in the mail and then a lovely motorcycle cop pulled me over and gave me a speeding ticket. All of this was in 2 days. I met Nate for lunch today and sitting in the front seat of his car was a toms box. I pretty much started crying because if anything could have made me happier today it would have been that. Not the shoes, well not just the shoes, but having someone that cares enough to make me feel better and to go out of their way just to see me smile. I am the luckiest girl in the world because everyday he finds some simple way to make me happy. For example, Halloween. We didn't even have plans to do anything but I really wanted to dress up and so he willingly dressed up with me. Not only did he dress up but he let me attach extensions to his head and put eyeliner on him. He was Brett Michaels and I was Marilyn Monroe. I am sure he wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea but he didn't show a single sign of complaint. He made me a promise that he would make me laugh every single day of my life and he has yet to break that promise...


This past week my parents, Brieann, and I went to Disneyland for a day. I am now an official season passport holder and Disney will be seeing a lot more of me! A day at Disneyland makes me so happy and puts a little bit of a skip in my step. I can honestly say that it never gets old for me. The lines were all less than 10 minute waits and we were able to go on all of our favorite rides, except "It's a Small World," sorry Brieann... We went on Splash Mountain and we saw everyone getting off and they were completely dry. Then we go and get clobbered by every splash possible! It was so much fun, the only thing that could have made it better would be if the tortilla factory would have had flour instead of corn!


Fall break was supposed to be in Rome with my friend Jeni but when flights were full and I got sick of waiting on Atlanta to let me on the plane, I decided to go to Paris with my mom. Business class both ways... Have I told you that I LOVE my job? When we got on the plane we hurried and called my sister to tell us we got on and to have her book us a hotel but our phones were not working!! We were going all the way to France in minutes and we couldn't call anyone to tell them we were going! Finally right before they were backing the plane up, our phones started working again. I told my sister we were on and hung up the phone so the flight attendant wouldn't chew my head off. 10 hours later... Paris! We took the metro to random stops and just explored. This was my second time to Paris so I had already seen most of the famous things there. One night we went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, it was 260 stairs up and 260 down. When we got to the top our legs were complete jello! Even my mom who walks 6 mile everyday could hardly stand at the top. It was such a pretty view of the Champs Elysees and all of Paris. I think all I ate this trip was carbs though. Bread and cookies. One of the days we took the double decker bus around the city and that was super interesting. We ended up seeing all sorts of new places. It was such a fun spontaneous trip and I will treasure it always!