Flying with the Dove
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November 03, 2010


Fall break was supposed to be in Rome with my friend Jeni but when flights were full and I got sick of waiting on Atlanta to let me on the plane, I decided to go to Paris with my mom. Business class both ways... Have I told you that I LOVE my job? When we got on the plane we hurried and called my sister to tell us we got on and to have her book us a hotel but our phones were not working!! We were going all the way to France in minutes and we couldn't call anyone to tell them we were going! Finally right before they were backing the plane up, our phones started working again. I told my sister we were on and hung up the phone so the flight attendant wouldn't chew my head off. 10 hours later... Paris! We took the metro to random stops and just explored. This was my second time to Paris so I had already seen most of the famous things there. One night we went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, it was 260 stairs up and 260 down. When we got to the top our legs were complete jello! Even my mom who walks 6 mile everyday could hardly stand at the top. It was such a pretty view of the Champs Elysees and all of Paris. I think all I ate this trip was carbs though. Bread and cookies. One of the days we took the double decker bus around the city and that was super interesting. We ended up seeing all sorts of new places. It was such a fun spontaneous trip and I will treasure it always!

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