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October 04, 2010

Catch up

These past few weeks I have been forgetting to update my blog. Casino Night (a fundraiser my sorority has) was on Monday and we had such a good turn out. Everyone pays for chips and we play Blackjack all night. I am not very good at it but I didn't lose too many times. Then we had our big/lil sis week. Everyday we would set up presents for our little sisters in the house, they get clues everyday and then they have to guess who it is by the end of the week. My little is cute Katie Knight and I was so excited! Nate and I went to the fair a few weeks ago, I had never been before. It was so hot and there were so many people! It was fun to just walk around and see everything. I love cows, I just think they are so cute, so they were my favorite part! A week before that we went to see Brieann in California. We spent all day, everyday, at the beach and just played around at night. It was such a perfect trip and it was so much fun. I also saw a dog there that I fell in love with. He was the sweetest thing ever but was $1500! He would be totally worth it if I actually had the money ha. From now on I will write more often so my stories aren't all bunched together like this, well at least I will try really hard!

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