Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

March 23, 2012


 Rhubarb Cake

 My sister has her own street!

Nate and I went to Seattle for the weekend and I loved it! I had never been there before but it is definately a fav! We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island and walked around town most of the time. We ate 4 pounds of crab legs while we were there and it was soooo good! I have been craving it ever since! One day we woke up to quarter size snow flakes and then when we went outside it was sunny. What a goofy climate..
We ate 4 big cupcakes from Trophies cupcakes in one sitting and they were delicious, just like Sprinkles cupcakes. We did A LOT of eating on this trip but it was all worth every single calorie and dollar! OH and I slurped my first Oyster! It was kinda gross but gotta do it once!

 these were HUGE!
 The gum wall

 Our ferry
 Ice cream on Bainbridge Island
 The bay

March 09, 2012

Other random things happening in my life

 Staton has started soccer and it is the cutest thing ever! Nate is so cute and helps coach every Saturday!

Also... I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Nate has put on a little weight...
Love this boy ;)

Athens for the Weekend??? Sure!

 Dinner on the ocean
 Beautiful architecture

 Pieces from the Acropolis
 The Parthenon

 Acropolis Mueseam

 Westin Athens
 View from our room
Ok it is starting to get obnoxious how much I am out of town lately but I swear it will stop for a while... after next weekend in Seattle. This trip was with my mom and it was very unplanned. We thought Zurich first, then Madrid but when we thought of Greece there was no going back. Nate was a little unhappy about it because of the riots and strikes that are going on down there but I promised I would be safe! We got to stay at this beautiful hotel on a peninsula surrounding clear turquoise ocean. We really only had one full day there and we spent it going through the acropolis museum and in the shopping district. We also took this funny train through the city and it drove through all of the alleys and practically through the restaurants. I could reach over and grab a french fry off of someones plate if I wanted. All the food we had was delicious and everyone was so nice to us. It was 65 degrees and perfect for sightseeing. I can't wait to go back in the summer sometime and play in the ocean and see Santorini.
The rough part was that I left on this trip coming down with a cold. I say cold and you picture a little stuffy red nose, nothing that could really bother me too much but this thing was a monster. I couldn't stop coughing and this made my throat writhe in pain for most of the trip and I couldn't breathe hardly at all through my nose or mouth which kept me awake when I was already experiencing jet lag. We had the same flight attendants both ways and the guy that brought me drinks didn't even have to ask what I wanted, he just kept bringing me orange juice. By the time we reached JFK on the way home, I was DONE FOR. The only thing that got me through it was that I could finally buy medicine! The crazies in Greece close their pharmacies on weekends... What a stupid idea. NyQuil has never felt so good as it did that night when I finally made it home at 12am. Even through the sickness though I was able to have a great time with my mom and we will laugh about the spontaneity of it all for years to come.