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November 03, 2010

Prince Charming, Bad luck, and Halloween

I have been saving some money so that I could buy a pair of toms, not any pair, but the pink sparkly ones. Fate intervened when the University booted my car because I had unpaid parking tickets, I got my car registration notice in the mail and then a lovely motorcycle cop pulled me over and gave me a speeding ticket. All of this was in 2 days. I met Nate for lunch today and sitting in the front seat of his car was a toms box. I pretty much started crying because if anything could have made me happier today it would have been that. Not the shoes, well not just the shoes, but having someone that cares enough to make me feel better and to go out of their way just to see me smile. I am the luckiest girl in the world because everyday he finds some simple way to make me happy. For example, Halloween. We didn't even have plans to do anything but I really wanted to dress up and so he willingly dressed up with me. Not only did he dress up but he let me attach extensions to his head and put eyeliner on him. He was Brett Michaels and I was Marilyn Monroe. I am sure he wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea but he didn't show a single sign of complaint. He made me a promise that he would make me laugh every single day of my life and he has yet to break that promise...

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  1. um im obsessssssed okay. i love it and everything you say. you and nate are fabulous together