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June 03, 2013

A Baby Shower for a MIA pregnant girl

So I guess that whenever I am the guest of honor for something I end up in the hospital...

I was at work Monday afternoon and was closing up a plane to Atlanta. I had some checked  bags that I needed to throw down to the ramp and as I was doing that, my boss came down and told me to be careful. I of course think that my pregnancy has not hindered my abilities so I say with attitude, "I will..." Then as I go to get back into the jetway I get distracted and the big metal door smacks me right and center in my baby belly. It takes my breath away and hurts pretty badly but I have a plane to get out on time and I just keep going on with life.

When I finally get a chance to think about it as I am going out to the car, I call my Ob office and ask if I am ok. They say to just come by and have his heart rate checked for peace of mind. Then they call back when I am on my way there and say to go check in at Labor and Delivery. I go in and they have me set up in a real hospital bed and gown and say I will probably be there for 4 hours for observation.

I am not really concerned at this point because my baby shower is like 6 hours away and I will have plenty of time to make it back. Finally the doctor gets back to the nurse and informs me that she needs me to stay overnight because there could possibly be a placental abruption which would make me go into preterm labor. I start bawling and calling my sisters (the hosts of the shower). I am a total wreck because I have been looking forward to this for sooo long! I want to see my friends and I know that my sisters have worked so hard on it!

I try to talk my doctor into letting me leave but the more I fight it the more she scares me about what could happen to my baby if I were not at a hospital being observed and the placenta tore away from my uterus. So by that point I am not only crying because I want to go to my party but because I think my baby is going to have something go terribly wrong with him!

I end up staying and my sisters have the food and everything ready for people as they come. Then we face-timed so that I could see everyone there. After the shower about half of the girls came to the hospital and I got to open presents. It was so nice of my sisters to throw a shower for me even though I couldn't be there!

I was having really weird contractions and got pretty sick the next day because my blood pressure had dropped so low. I think it was like 68/48 or something ridiculous. I am ok now and the baby kept up a good heart rate through it all. Now I just want him to come out as soon as he is healthy so that nothing else can go wrong with my body! As I write this though he is kicking madly and making my stomach wave. I love this little boy and I am so excited to see his little self in 4-7 weeks!!


  1. Love ALL the updates! Your shower was Fab even if you weren't there! Lunch before you pop? I think yes!!! XOX No more accidents okay?