Flying with the Dove
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May 20, 2010


I have been watching my sweet little 2 year old nephew all day today and it has been exhausting! We walked to the park and played on the slides. Then he just felt like running around and I was out of breath following him. He makes me laugh so hard though because he is just so dang happy! We went and saw the "moos" which were horses but for some reason he calls them moos. He kissed the horse on the nose and it was so cute. He also gave me a kiss later without me asking and that was pretty darling. I have been rewinding Madagascar so that he will fall asleep and I think he is almost there. Changing diapers and cleaning up after the disasters isn't much fun, but seeing a kid smile up at you or reach up for you to hold them puts a little sparkle in your life. Love you Stat...

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  1. The cute! Again so lucky that Stat gets to hang out with the coolest aunt EVER! Thanks you sweet thing you!