Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

May 14, 2010

March - The sun will still rise...

No matter what trials or hardships happen in your life, the world keeps moving. No matter how bad things get, there is still happiness and laughter in the world.
So, after a few weeks of mourning in my black apparel, I decided that I needed to start living again. I prayed for the strength to move on with my life and to be happy again. So I purchased a ticket to Newport Beach and headed down for some Spring Break fun with the girls. The days consisted of beach, laughing so hard it hurts, heart to hearts, hot surfer boys, relearning how to ride a bicycle, shopping, and donuts! My friend Lindsay helped me so much that week by just being adventurous and crazy with me and we had so much fun cruising around with the windows down, our hair in our face, and the music turned all the way up! It is amazing how a little bit of sun can have you laughing and smiling again. This week was full of the best adventures and sunburns and I will treasure it always.

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