Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

May 14, 2010


There is nothing like hanging with your best friends and thinking up random activities to fill your night. We searched Walmart for some tie dye and ended up leaving with beads to make cheesy friendship bracelets. Sorting through the bowl of random beads was a task that had us laughing til we cried. I mean come on... there were fish beads that looked like drumsticks and random animals like giraffes and poodles. Then we used the timer on my camera to take pictures of us. I know we are lame but it was too fun! At the end of the day I don't care what I did or how I did it, I just want to go to bed knowing I laughed as hard as I could and had as much fun as I could with people I love!

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  1. Your blog is absolutely darling! You are darling! I laughed and cried..through all your posts. I love ya! Keep updating this you'll love to look back.