Flying with the Dove
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September 28, 2013

He is growing up

My little man is getting to grown up and it is breaking my heart. He is getting so strong and alert and sooo big. He is a whopping 13 pounds and over 2 feet long! I just eat his puffy cheeks all day long and he is such a smiler. His singing is the most beautiful happy sound I have ever heard and it is like falling in love with someone for the first time every day! I now really believe he loves me back and knows who his mom is. The past week every time I pick him up to calm him down he calms so quickly and takes a big fistful of my hair so I won't put him down. When I go to put him down he cries and grabs on harder. I love my son so much and I thank God everyday that he would send me something so special.

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