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September 28, 2013

Over the country and through JFK to Grandmothers house we go...

Grey finally got to meet his other grandparents in New York this month. We wanted to wait until he was 2 months for us to throw him on a plane with 200 other germy people. He was so perfect on the plane; just slept the whole time. Right when we were settled in for landing he started "tearing up his shorts" (as Nate would put it) and it got all over his dad. Gosh I was sure glad I wasn't the one holding him, Nate was so not having fun during that long taxiing in JFK. We got him cleaned up and happy and ran him down to meet the Morgans. Grey had the biggest smile on his face when his Grandpa Tom took him for the first time. It was so precious. Grandma Debbie rode in the back with him all the way home and didn't put him down until we left a few days later.

 On Friday we left Grey at home with Grandma and went on a little adventure. We started out in Hoboken, NJ to go to the famous Cake Boss, Carlos Bakery. The line was only like 15 min and we were so happy! We got to see Mauro and Maddalena and they are my favorites on the show. I tried to get Mauro in a picture but every time I got close he went back up stairs! I was so sad! We got some cake, cannoli s and crumb cake (so freaking yummy) and it was a wrap. We had yummy giant NY style pizza next door and it was soooo good. Hoboken is such a darling town and I want to go back to just shop and eat. I think I could have spent all day there!

 After all the sweets and greasy food there was no way we were getting on the subway to see Manhattan so we were daring and DROVE through it in the big mamma van. It was such a terrifying drive but it was such a cool way to see the island; no weird smells, sore feet, and hot subway tunnels!

We ended the day strolling down cute Scarsdale looking through shops and buying goodies. It was a perfect day.

We had such a great time with the Morgans the rest of the weekend. It was nice to just hang out and be together. 2 more years... we can do it!

We had a great ride to the airport. Grey loved it...

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