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May 01, 2012

Tu es mon mon amour

You are my love...

Walking down the Champs!

 Nate's first sighting of the Eiffle Tower (it is tiny)

 The beautiful Architecture

 Haha I don't understand the face here...

 Arc de Triomphe

 The worst restaurant in Paris

 For our child

 My favorite meal: Macaroni and Cheese

 The best place to have a crepe and chocolat chaud (hot chocolate)

 Paris Pantheon

 The Louvre
 Notre Dame

Our beautiful hotel Hotel du Bois

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  1. Awww we went to Paris for New Year's Eve in 2010. Our Hotel was a mess...dirty and small and just not nice. It was hart to find a good restaurant..we tried a lot and found a yummy one on our last day there ;) . Paris is nice but in my opinion very dirty and loud and not my kind of city. We loved London <3.