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May 21, 2012

St. Lucia... Almost 1 YEAR

For an early 1 year anniversary trip, Nate and I went to St. Lucia for a few days to celebrate. It is soooo beautiful. It is a full on rain forest down there! The ride from the airport to our hotel was 2 hours long which was the entire length of the island. It was long but it was so cool getting to see everything. They have so many banana trees and the land is completely covered in beautiful green trees. We stayed at the Sandals Halcyon Beach and it was really cute and intimate. The ocean so clear and pretty and the sand was really soft. We got to take this big bike thing out in the water and ride around. The weather was crazy. It rained for a little bit every day but we still had dry afternoons at the beach. The night before we left though it seemed like we were being hit by a monsoon! It poured all night long and even into the afternoon when we were driving to the airport. The shuttle was leaking water all over the couple in front of us. Oh and they drive on the left hand side of the road and their road to the airport is like going to Hana in Maui. Just really curvy and windy roads and the shuttle would pass cars like crazy. We would be almost head on with a car in the other lane and he would hurry and cut in front of the car he was passing. It was insane and I am just happy I am alive! It was a great trip and I am so happy that Nate and I have almost been married one whole year. Man time flies by so fast!

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