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April 16, 2012

School is kicking my bum!

So have you wondered where I have been lately? Under a big fat pile of textbooks. Graduating next Spring is coming along slowly and it just seems to get harder and harder! Luckily for me I get one whole week off before the summer semester hits. Thanks for the big break U of U... this is sarcastic if you couldn't tell. But I am hanging in there because of my sweet husband, my family, and friends that keep encouraging me and pushing me along.

Nate took me out on a date the other night, we went to the Dragon Acrobats (I think that was what they were called) and it was a very scary nerve-racking show but it was so much fun. We got dessert at the Sweet Tooth Fairy (we love our cupcakes!) and had such a fun night together.

Easter was a ball! Nate set up an easter egg hunt in our apartment for me when I got home from work and made me a basket since it was my first year that my mom wouldn't be making me one (I am such a little princess I know).

We spent Easter at both of out parents and ate 2 easter meals, both of our moms cook way too yummy of things to turn them down.

My nephews got to have an easter egg hunt in my parents big back yard and ended up with hundreds of eggs. Loved the fun Easter this year!

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