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April 17, 2012

Baby Time and Another Mission Call

So yesterday I am just doing my homework like I usually am lately, when Debbie (mother-in-law) calls me to tell me that Erin (sister-in-law) had her baby! Oh and Pete (brother-in-law) got his mission call! What an eventful phone call right? So as soon as Nate got off work we booked it to the hospital. The whole time we were there I hogged the baby. She is sooo sweet and little that I never wanted to let go but we had a mission call to open!

 So we had to run out the door for the next festivity. Pete was super excited about his call, his big smile in my video will show that. I was the only one crying my eyes out that he is leaving me for two years. After everything calmed down I said with big water droplets in my eyes "Am I the only one who is sad!?" He will be an amazing missionary and I will miss him way too much!
Concepcion Chile... it is WAY too far away for me.

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