Flying with the Dove
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February 03, 2012


Is anyone else as in love with Taylor Swifts song 'Ours' as I am? I feel like Nate and I have this special little love that no one can figure out or copy. I also feel like everyone is against it; they try to break us down or make us feel inadequate in the world. They "throw rocks at things that shine." I am constantly inundated with people that think the way I choose to live my life and the things I plan to do are ignorant and foolish. We are best friends, as cliche as that sounds, and we take on the world together. It is so hard sometimes to ignore the worlds judgements, but this song reminds me that Nate is here with me through it all and that others simply just don't understand, they are the ignorant ones, not us...

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  1. I like this post a lot I think a lot of people who marry young get the same criticism. We may marry young but we probably have better marriages too ;)