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February 15, 2012

Love Day

I had to take a quick break from my grueling homework to write about my Valentine's Day. The day was crazy with different events, work, and school but Nate was able to make it special. He woke up early and drove me to work, which he knows I love because we get to start the day out together fighting over the bathroom space and haphazardly running around the apartment getting ready. But mostly I love just getting to hold his hand and sing to the radio in his car with him. He also left me a love letter by my cereal that everyone at work was jealous about. He raced around while I had class and planned dinner for us. He made the Wisconsin Trio from the Melting Pot with all the different cheeses and exotic flavors. I was so proud! We had ourselves an at home Melting Pot. Then he got us Beef Stroganoff, our very favorite from the Copper Onion. It was sooo yummy. Before he had to rush of to his class that night we ate chocolate covered strawberries (V Chocolate, only the best) and just loved each other for a bit. It was such a fast paced day but it meant so much to me that he made it so special even throughout all of the chaos.
PS. The sweet boy with the heart plates is my cute nephew Staton... so cute huh?

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  1. What a perfect Valentines!!! You have to teach me how to do the cheese fondue--I love that stuff!!! You two are 2 cute! Glad you had a perfect day!