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February 22, 2012

New York. Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of...

So my cute in-laws FINALLY got their mission call that said where they are going for the next 3 years! The home of the Empire State Building, Time Square, the Yankees, Knicks, Kings, Giants, SoHo, knock off purses, Broadway, and sooo much more! I couldn't be more thrilled for them, especially because I can fly to see them every weekend with Nate. I know this was an inspired call and that they don't just draw these things out of a hat. I couldn't have picked a more perfect place for them myself. The brothers are thrilled for such and exciting place and cute Ryan gets to go to school in a really nice Neighborhood in Scarsdale. I can't wait to see them take New York by storm, they will be so amazing. Love you guys

PS. No Sawyer did not know where they were going before this... purely a coincidence that he is wearing that shirt.. crazy huh. Oh and sorry that I cut off the movie where I did, I was too excited.

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