Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

July 13, 2011

Together Forever

I thought it would never come... The day that I would finally be Mrs. Duvae Maddison Morgan. Well, it came, and it came like a knock on the head. I woke up and realized, "What in the heck have I been doing for the past 7 months?" Running through the house frantically trying to get things done, I felt like I didn't even know it was coming. Random people are going through my home asking, "What should I do with this?" or "What is this for?"... How should I know, I am only the bride! I grabbed all sorts of things and crossed my fingers that I had what I needed and ran to my hair appointment. "See ya at the temple Mom!" I didn't even get to talk to my mom that day because we were needed every which way. I got to the my hair appointment and broke down! All I could think about were all the tiny little details, that only the bride would care about, that weren't getting done while I was being primped and primed. What is a girl to do?!

I finally made it to the Temple and my sweetheart Nate was there waiting for me. It was time. The ceremony went beautifully except I was super hot and concerned on what that would do to my make-up and curled hair. So when Nate was shaking as he put on my ring, I was thinking, "could we hurry this up a little?." Gosh I am so unromantic when I am hot! When it was all over and I had cooled myself off, I had time to realize what an amazing thing had just happened to me. I had just made a vow to love and cherish the love of my life for the rest of eternity. We took pictures and got to kiss as many times as we wanted.

The reception was perfect. You couldn't ask for better weather or company. As Nate was entertaining guests, I hid behind the tent and ate our delicious food. I was not going to be that bride that stressed over the menu for months and didn't even find time to eat it! Then came the cake cutting. I of course had to smash the cake in Nate's face but as I did, I realized my dress was wrapped super tightly around my ankles. I felt a little unsteady and started to fall. I said, "Nate, I am falling... I am falling!" As he turned towards me, I was out of sight. In front of all our loved ones, on the very best day of my life so far, and on camera... I fell on my face! Well... butt. I even had a scab on my elbow to prove it.

I danced with my dad and sobbed like a big baby. My dad has such a soft spot in my heart and Nate makes fun of me all the time for it. Then he handed me off to Nate. Just as he did, I realized that we forgot to practice dancing! We were terrible dancers and he stepped on my dress every 5 seconds.  It was probably pretty painful to watch, but that is just how we are... Completely chaotic and clumsy but we don't have a care in the world about it.

We left to go change and throw last minute things together (like pack my bag for the honeymoon.... I told you I wasn't prepared..). My dad came up and said his farewell (I wasn't going to let that father of the bride scene happen, where he doesn't get to say goodbye) and we ran down the stairs to our exit. There were so many people that made it to the end of the night. The line of people throwing rice crispies went down my entire driveway. I couldn't see a thing until we got to the car. I found rice crispies in my hair for weeks! Ok, maybe like a day... but still, they were in there good. It was the perfect ending to the most perfect day of my life. I know the hiccups that came along the way should have made it unperfect but it still was completely perfect to me.


  1. gah i died reading this. loved everything about it. i have been waiting for you to blog. love you so happy for you xoxo

  2. That means a lot coming from the best blog writer ever! Love you!

  3. Wooohoooo!!! Sorry I could not give you the cheers in the right time and place, but I mean em' from over here in ny! hah Thhaank you for giving fun details so I feel like I was there (for the wedding only of coarse.) ha actually jk I would take the Punta Canto place with you guys, sure. No but seriously, you two are stunning, and your wedding day looks like a fairytale :D xoxo

  4. We were so bummed you couldn't make it with your sweetie. It was so good to see him though! Hopefully we will get to see you soon and hope all is well!

  5. Hi Dove! I'm absolutely in love with your dress. This may be a personal question, but I was wondering where you got it from. I am not LDS, but I am looking for a modest dress to wear for my wedding and yours is so beautiful. Let me know if you feel comfortable sharing that with me. Thanks!

    1. I found a sleeveless version of my dress in J Crew Bridal and a lady here in Utah recreated it for me with sleeves and the cut out back. I don't know where you are from but if you can find a good seamstress it makes life a whole lot easier to have the dress made for you. I lucked out that she was a family friend and gave me a really great price! Sorry I am not more help! Good luck!