Flying with the Dove
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May 03, 2011


This weekend we started to move Nate into our new apartment at the Gateway. It is making me so antsy to get married! We love it so much, it is going to be so hard not to go around the corner and shop everyday though. I think that makes Nate a little nervous, so I am sure he will find some way to sneak my credit cards out of my wallet. I am so ready for all of the fun things about marriage but I am so unprepared for the hard stuff like bills...  The day Nate moved in, I got in a bad accident. I hydroplaned on the freeway and smashed into a median. So our insurance rate is going to be ridiculous! I have been so spoiled with my dad always dealing with my problems and taking care of me and now poor Nate has to take on that responsibility. Babe you still have time to back out...

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  1. oh my gosh you poor thing! I love you! you two are going to be the cutest ever. im tHRILLED FOR YOU! XOXOXOXOXOXOX