Flying with the Dove
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January 11, 2012

Ok lets start fresh 2012

I am forgetting about and forgiving myself for the things I didn't get done, the things I wanted to do but didn't, the messes I made (not metaphorically, real cluttered and unorganized messes), the people I didn't spend time with, the things I forgot about, the days where I was way less than perfect, and every little mistake I made in 2011.

The things I get to start this year out with: my fairytale husband, my best friends, my darling apartment, the awesome University of Utah, my supportive and loving family, excitement, ambition, and everything good.

The things that have to go.... Laziness, selfishness, taking the easy way out, stressing out over small things, not forgiving myself when I make mistakes, sadness, anger, and anything that holds me down from being the ultimate person I can be.

In 2012 I will make time for the people I love most, I will treat everyone with love and not be afraid to help them, push myself when I think I can't go on, master the things I have been putting off, set my priorities straight, make myself and others proud, do many things outside of my comfort zone, eat good food and get off my bum, make the people around me happy, be giving even when I feel I don't have anything to give, swallow my pride, never let the world get to me and make me feel insufficient, and I will be happy to be who I am and love myself.

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