Flying with the Dove
& Her Loves

August 09, 2011


He is always in a good mood
He will do absolutely anything to make me happy
He doesn't always understand me, no one does... but he tries the hardest to figure me out
He lets me win... cuz I am sorta a sore loser
He never fails to make me feel special
He loves everything I love
He thinks I am funny even though no one else does
He pulls my hair back so he can see my face
He makes me blush... 
He is on my side through anything, even when I am wrong
He is as excited as I am to have babies, and picks out names with me... not that we want them anytime soon
He loves the people I love, even if they seem a little crazy (mom...) ;)
He is the most comfortable place I have ever been
He brings out everything in me that I want to be
I love him. My husband. My best friend. Forever.

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