Flying with the Dove
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July 28, 2010

St. George

Two weeks ago I went down to St. George with my friends and had such a good time! We drove down in Chris's sweet Audi that I love and we belted out the Glee soundtrack and all of Lil's great music, more specifically her "Diet Coke" mix. We spent our days relaxing and playing at the pool. It was so so so hot though! At night we played games and watched movies. The last night I was there we played so many games and laughed so hard!! I am so terrible at the question game, I am actually pretty bad at all games but oh well. Lil, Linds, and I also had fun squeezing into the two person convertible. I had to sink behind Lindsay's back every time we were around cops or lots of cars. It was a short trip for me because I had to get home for work but it was so much fun and I loved being with the girls! I slept for 45 minutes the last night and we woke up to watch the sunrise before I flew home. I love you girls and I am so glad I could go with you!

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